The port where the arduino nano is connected is not in the list

Hello everybody,
i try to use arduino nano (chip: 328p)
but the port where the arduino is connected does not appear in the list of serial ports. :confounded:

Any response is appreciated.
Thank you
Screen Shot 2021-07-14 at 18.59.59

Which OS?
What does your OS think about the board? In Linux I would look at dmsg and lsusb and (from memory) /var/log/messages.
Did the board ever work?

Do you get the same thing when it is disconnected? What operating system are you using?

I use mac high sierra on a mac.
Arduino boards are generally not recognized as an eternal disk.
The card has already worked with another computer that I don't have. :roll_eyes:

If you add that info to the title of your topic, the topic might get the attention of those more experienced with a Mac.

I have install the driver for the arduino nano. Now works! :smiley: Anyway thanks for the help! :handshake: :wink:

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