Thermal Printer control circuit board

Hi guys,
I have the following thermal printer that I used with my Arduino project, I guess something messed up in one of my wiring (I'm a beginner) and I believe I might damaged the control circuit of that printer.
The printer doesn't turn on anymore, even when I'm just connecting the Vin and GND connections.
It used to work also when I just provided power even without TX/RX connections.
I tried 5V and 9V power sources.. it was usually connected to 9V power source, but it wasn't that stable or I might accidentally wire wrong the TX/RX.
Now I'm stuck with this printer but can't power it on anymore and I'm looking for a spare circuit board so I can replace it.

Does anyone know where I can find such a spare part? I tried to Google some of the info written on the PCB but couldn't find..


We might need some more detail … which thermal printer, any images of the board?

There is a sticker on the printer says:
model: RP 07 - RS 232
No: A00712008A0006

In attachment is the PDF I got with it.

and for the other side of the board this is what it shows:

rp07.pdf (182 KB)

I had a quick look on ali express and mini thermal printers are about 12GBP. I'm guessing but it's probably unlikely you'd get a replacement board that cheap. It may be easier in the long run to say goodbye to that printer and get a brand new one.

That's true,
Just the fact that it takes 2 months at least to get stuff from AliExpress :frowning:

Ok, thanks for the help anyway!

I think Adafruit sells a similar printer. They might be able to sell you the circuit board itself.

// Per.