thermometer up to 300 degree Celcius

Guys, can any one point where to look for some guide to make thermometer with 2 probes?? What materials should i use?? i allready have character lcd and arduino 328. what probes etc. Need to make temp read with 2 possible sources of heat as i`m planning to replace cpu socket on my motherboard.

thanks in advance



I think what you are looking for is a Thermocouple. I used to work in a relay making company, there since we used Lead free solder, the soldering temperature is upwards of 400 degree C. I do not know how to get those kind of Thermocouple outside of the industrial setting however I hope I am able to help point you in the right direction.

300C means that you have to use either RTD or thermocouples. These need special interface circuitry.

we used Lead free solder

i`m sure this is what it is. Intel datasheet states 260degreeC max so 300 should be enough.

These need special interface circuitry

Are you able to put some details,?? maybe some circuit?? code samples etc??

Thanks for interest

Since you do not specify much of your needs i recommend google
circuit for pt100

IT shouldn't be that hard to convert a thermocouple to work on an Arduino. You can get thermocouple wire in bulk spool (300m or so) fairly cheaply from multiple sources. I've seen many threads here on the subject.