Timestamp in Serial Monitor

Sorry if this is the wrong category, but I can't find one for the Desktop IDE. Has it been deprecated?

Anyway, I just went from 1.8.13 to 1.8.15 and noticed the option for a timestamp is missing from the serial monitor. Is there a way to turn this on again?



The "Installation and Troubleshooting" forum category is used for issues specific to the Arduino IDE.

The category description "For problems with Arduino itself" is ridiculously vague. The term "Arduino" is used to mean several different things. But I believe the person who wrote that actually meant "Arduino IDE".

It should be in the same place as always:

Just check that box and you'll have a timestamp.

If only there was a box:
(I hope you can see this; there is no box to the right of the Autoscroll box.)

I figured you would ask, so I tried it without Teensyduino and the box is back.

This used to work; I'll report it to PJRC now.

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