Trouble installing GRBL

Not exactly a programing question, but I don’t know where else to put it.

Following the instructions on the “Arduino Board Project” page, I have downloaded and unzipped grbl-master, went from grbl to examples to grblUpload clicked on Upload… and I get the error message "specified folder/zip does not contain a valid library. “examples” does contain #include<grbl.h>. Searching through the files in grbl, I can find no grbl.h

I’m also confused by instruction Sketch>#include Library>add library from zip folder, when the file “examples” is an Arduino .ino file.

Any suggestions as to where I am going wrong are greatly appreciated.

Please post a link to the instructions you’re following.

Here is how I installed GRBL1.1 last weekend

Downloaded the ZIP file from GitHub Extracted it to a folder named "grbl-1.1h.20190825" Inside that folder is another of the same name. And inside that is the grbl files

I renamed the first 2 containing folders from "grbl-1.1h.20190825" to "grbl" as the IDE likes to complain about file names.

So I had grbl\grbl\files for grbl

I then copied the containing folder to the directory *C:\Users\Username\arduino-1.8.3-windows\arduino-1.8.3\libraries* (yeah. I'm not upgrading until they figure out the bugs)

Next I opened the IDE and selected Sketch>Include Library>Add .ZIP Library...

Then I browsed to and chose (I believe) the first grbl folder.

When it was done, I restarted the IDE and uploaded it to my board without issue.

Hope it helps!

It uploads for me.

So you downloaded as a .zip file using the "Clone or Download" button and selecting "Download as .ZIP"?

And you unpacked the "" file?

And you copied the 'grbl' folder (from the expanded grbl-master folder) into the 'libraries' folder of your sketch folder?

And you re-started the Arduino IDE to install the library?

And you selected File->Examples->grbl->grblUpload?

And you selected Tools->Board: "Arduino/Genuino Uno"?

And you connected your Arduino Uno?

And you selected the right serial port under Tools->Port: ?

And you clicked on the Upload button (a circular button with an arrow pointing to the right) at the top of the sketch window?

Then what happened?

Thanks to all who responded. I followed Mr. Wasser's instructions and it worked without a hitch.