Trouble with the TTGO T-Journal


i want to use the TTGO T-Journal as a camera for a project.

I followed this tutorial :

But had errors to do with not being able to access DMA or allocate memory.

I eventually found this, which worked :

The few examples that do exist for the t-journal often have different assignments for the camera pins, the above link is the only one that's worked for me so far.

Unfortunately it worked once, it still runs and creates a soft AP or goes into station mode but doesn't seem to be serving anything on port 80.

Are these devices flaky ? My ESP32-Cams all work fine.

Thanks, Gary.

I have installed esp32 in boards manager but still unable to find TTGO t-journal in it doesn't show up in port or bord list please help me out

If you think there is an ESP32 board that ought to be in the supported boards list, then raise a query over on the Expressif forums.

The ESP32 plug in for Arduino is an Expressif produced plugin that they do support.

The port option is also disabled

I can use it for other boards but for ttgo not I am using it for adafruit esp-32

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