trying to parse GET request onboard

hi all.
a bit of a newb, been working for a couple of months now with arduino, got an Ethernet. shield interfacing nicely with twitter to upload statuses responding to sensors, and also getting info back.

however trying to parse out specific values from within the pages of xml that twitter spits back at me.
been messing around with the string library, using the getIncommingChars() function to read the client, and then was trying to use the .contains() to look for a part of the string in this case (<“followers_count>”), wanting to extract the numbers before the next “<” which i was hoping to find using the .endsWith().
using LED s to debug, i get as far as the getIncomingChars((), but then it hangs, presumably not finding the string i’ve got it looking for in the .contains() .
would post the code but frankly i’ve been messing about with it for days now and its too messy and embarrassing to post.
any suggestions or pointers would be greatly appreciated.

thanks a lot