Hi.. i'd problem with this error. Can anyone assist me?

Geophone.ino:98:36: fatal error: twiddle_factors_256_br.h: No such file or directory
compilation terminated.
Error compiling.

How do you expect anyone to understand your problem when you provide hardly any information about it?

In case you are not aware of it, we cannot see your work bench.

Spend a bit of time reading How to use the Forum


No such file or directory

Doesn't get much more self explanatory than that.

Here's my suspicion of what happened:

  • You downloaded
  • You unzipped the downloaded file.
  • You opened the file geophone-master/geophone.ino
  • The Arduino IDE displayed a dialog: "The file Geophone.ino needs to be inside a sketch folder named Geophone. Create this folder, move the file, and continue?"
  • You clicked "OK"

The problem with that is the Arduino IDE only moves the file Geophone.ino but the file twiddle_factors_256_br.h, which was in the geophone-master folder, was also needed. So you need to copy geophone-master/twiddle_factors_256_br.h to the Geophone folder.

thankss.. it works :smiley: