Unable to load a bootloader to a Mega 2560

Hi all, I have been trying to load a bootloader to a GT-2560 3d printer board clone (it is a clone) using a standard UNO R3 as the programmer. I have checked and rechecked the connections many times, even to the point of metering out the connections to the Atmel2560 chip.
I have tried using the ICSP pins on the UNO and the old connection method (remembering to modify the sketch for the programmer).
Is it possible to set the fuses on the Mega so that tampering with its program is prevented.
Also is there any sort of confidence check that I can do to ensure that the UNO can talk to the Mega?

Can you not talk to the GT-2560 directly? Ahhh, that;s right bootloader... check out one of these links for suggestions.


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