upload a sketch using bluetooth

Is it possible to upload a sketch using bluetooth(Bluetooth Shield Rs232 Serial) connection ?

Maybe. Upload a sketch to what sort of Arduino? Are you thinking of a specific shield or just wondering in general?

My question is whether only through the USB cable to upload the sketch, or if I can do it (upload) with bluetooth. Every time you want to change something about the program that is running have to connect USB cable. I want to avoid that.

I do that with Pro Mini:

I do that with Pro Mini:

I like your nice compact design, mine is a bit more clunky and prompted me to start designing my own base with level shifting built in but I probably won’t bother now.

The best Arduino bluetooth uploading solution I have found is the Adafruit EZ-link. It costs more but solves all the little problems and road bumps most other solutions deliver. Here are it's main advantages:

Baud rate transparent, works at whatever baudrate your sketch uses, no prior AT commands required.

Processes the Arduino IDE's auto-reset function perfiectly without target board modification, so no having to manually resetting the target board to start the upload process or adding a cap or resistor on reset signal. Does take longer then standard USB uploading (uploading blink takes around 23 seconds via BT on my machine), but works reliably.

Windows (win 10 here) use it's standard bluetooth driver, no special software, driver, or modifications required, just enable bluetooth in windows Devices menu and the reset is automatic. The Arduino IDE will take longer to initial load as scanning for avalible COM ports is much slower when Bluetooth is enabled, but it does find them and offers the port name in the IDE.

Yes, indeed. That is apparently the super-deluxe way to go. They were out of stock on that for a long time. I think it is really nifty the way it sets the baud rate dynamically from the PC. I ended up going the cheapo way and got an HC-05 for $1.75 shipping included, and made the FTDI-like adapter out of it. And then made a late-night armchair Arduino swinging power cable mistake and blew it out and had to make another one.