URGENT: Arduino 2 and Ethernet shield 2

Goodmorning everyone.

I am writing for the first time in this forum because I have a problem to solve shortly. I have searched in ten thousand forums but I always find different answers ..
I need to connect Arduino Due with Ethernet Shield 2. Is it possible? because I have read in the various forums that there may be problems with:

  • Due compatibility with Ethernet Shield with respect to operating voltage (3.3 Due, 5 Ethernet Shield). what does this mean? I cannot therefore plugg the shield above the two, but I only have to connect some pins (if so, which ones ??)?
  • compatibility of the two with i2c protocol (?)
    Please, I really ask you for a hand as I can't find a definitive answer. In particular I would like to have clarifications on the 3.3V / 5V compatibility issue of the two cards.

thanks a lot

Using the word "Urgent" is counterproductive. People are volunteers here and you need to be patient.