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I have tried searching but not able to find anything so I don't know if the thread was ever carried over during the migrations.

On the Arduino Playground for the Capacitive Sensor Library

There is a link for further discussions to a forum thread.

Of course that link no longer works, so is there a way to find this thread or was the thread dropped during the older forum transformation to SMF


It would have been carried over but I don't recognise the url that you posted as one that would have gone to the old forum

What are you trying to do with capacitive sensors ?

I found a post from November 2008 that points to that same post:

I think this is the current location of that post, last updated December 2010:

I building a simple non-touch proximity sensor.
I currently have capacitor sensing bedside lights but one broke so I thought I could build a smart one that did not need touching for fun.

I was just hoping there was some more details about the library in the project thread.

It's just that on the playground page the author uses different names for the same things, like he uses "sense pin", "sensor pin" and "receive pin" for the same pin. Also he mentions putting in a small capacitor (20 - 400 pF) in parallel with the body capacitance and I am not sure what he means with " parallel with the body" so hoping these things are explain in more detail in the thread.

Thanks for replying

Thanks, I shall have a good read.

You can use the archive.org Wayback Machine:
Just open any of the archived snapshots of that URL. It goes through four or five redirects before getting to the actual post, but it does get there if you wait a little while.

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