URTouch to touchscreen library

Hi everybody ,

I have Arduino Mega 2560 and TFT touch Screen MCUFriend ILI8347-G ( same https://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=501511.0 )

I have problem with Stilo Aquarium controller , this sketch use URTouch but this library not working with my tft screen :frowning:

i have test touch screen with TouchScreen.h library , it’s work

I have modify code for working with UTFTGlue

I just want moify sketch to work with TouchScreen.h

Can you help me ?

Thanks you :slight_smile:

Stilo_3_0.ino (93.3 KB)


Thanks for reply spycatcher2k

I think buy this screen :

3.95" inch 320*480 TFT Color LCD Display Module Screen ILI9486/9488 Drive Board with Touch Panel For Arduino UNO Mega2560

LCD Size: 3.80" / 3.95"

Controller/Driver: ILI9486

Compatible with Arduino MEGA2560

With SD Card socket

It's ok for Stilo Sketch ?

Regarding your AliiExpress screen from #2
I have never seen this display. Please post a message in the Displays topic when your purchase arrives from China,

Regarding your original question about Mcufriend Uno Shield. Post your question in the Displays Topic. You would need to use TouchScreen.h for the Touch.
And UTFTGLUE.h for the TFT

TouchScreen.h works very differently to URTouch.h. You would need to make LOTS of changes to your sketch.

The Red Shield from AliExpress also needs some changes to the sketch but they should be trivial.
Ask when your screen arrives.


Thanks David .

I back to you when my package arrived from China ( in 2-3 week ^^ )

Hi David ,

I starting new post in Displays section : 3.95" ILI9488 Touch not work - Displays - Arduino Forum