USB doesn't connect

Connecting the Nano 33 IoT to my Windows 10 PC via USB would not create a new drive in explorer. Desktop IDE and Web-based IDE both failed to detect the board. So I sent it back, bought another and I'm having the same issue with the new board. I have ordered a new USB 2.0 to micro B USB cable, on the chance there's something wrong with the 3 cables I've already tried. Has anyone else had this experience? Is there something I'm missing here or did I get 2 bad boards in a row?

It never will create a new drive. It should, however, create a new COM port, which is a completely different thing

Does Device Manager show a new COM port when you plug it in ?

Thankyou for the information.

No COM port is created. None seen in Device Manager. The tools dropdown on the desktop IDE 2.0.0.-beta.9 starts by notifying in the Serial Monitor window "Not connected. Select a board and port to connect automatically." However the tools dropdown doesn't offer the choice to select a port.

When I click on the monitor tab in Arduino Editor (the web-based editor) I get the message "Serial port unavailable".

What am I missing?

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There is very little required for the board to work.

  • Does the green LED light up when you connect the board to your PC?
  • Do you get a Windows sound when you connect the board to your PC?
  • Is this your personal PC or from some organization that might have some functionality disabled?
  • Try double click on the reset button. This will switch the Arduino to bootloader mode with a separate USB configuration. Because the Arduino Nano 33 IoT has native USB a sketch can stop USB from working correctly.
  • Did you try another PC, MAC or even Raspberry Pi?

When I connect the board the green LED lights and stays lit continuously.
The yellow LED blinks about once per second.
One out of my 3 USB 2.0 - micro B cables allows me to get a windows sound when I connect the board so I'm using that one.
Using the working cable: Device Manager shows a COM4 serial port.
The computer is my personal PC. All steps have been reproduced on my laptop, a DELL Windows 10.
Double-clicking the reset button makes the yellow light pulse rather than blink on and off.
In the web editor, I can select my board "Arduino NANO 33 IoT" in the dropdown labelled "Select Other Board & Port", BUT I CAN'T SELECT A PORT.
When I click on "Monitor" along the left edge of web page, I get the message "Serial port unavailable".

I opened a second web page "Arduino Create Agent Debug Console" from the system tray icon, and entered the command "open com4 9600" and got the response:
open COM4 9600

"Cmd": "Open",
"Desc": "Got register/open on port.",
"Port": "COM4",
"Baud": 9600,
"BufferType": ""

However the same "Serial port unavailable" message was all I could get back from the web editor "monitor" tab.
So I'm farther than I was, but not quite there yet.
There's still something I'm missing.

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