USB Hid Confusion

After making a number of projects withe Arduino I decided to make a custom controller for a PC program I'm working on. I have it completely working over the serial link, but I'm looking to make it more generic. Turning it into a HID keyboard is much easier than writing device drivers, and its more hardware based so more fun. I soon found Ranci Bacon's project (link below) and it looks like exactly what I'm after.

But I'm slightly stuck. The latest few versions of the lib only work with the PCB version not the protoboard design. Problem is I'm having quite a hard time figuring out how the PCB design fits onto the arduino (or if it event does anymore). Since the site is more of a blog rather than an actual tutorial I'm a little stuck so I've turned to these wonderful forums for help.

If all else fails I'll simply make the protoboard edition, and use v1 of the code and see how far I get, but I assume the latest version works better so I'd like to use it if possible. Any tips, hints or guidance would be greatly appreciated - would love to see this project through to completion!


Rancid Bacon's project link: