USB Host Sheild Gives "OSC did not start"

Recently I got an arduino Uno R3 and a USB Host Sheid from SainSmart with the hopes of controlling the arduino with an xBox controller. However, no matter what I do I can't get an xBox controller, keyboard, or any other USB device to show up on it. I am using the library here: with no luck from any of the examples. I already checked the ICSP connection to the shield with an ohmmeter and confirmed the USB port has power by using it to charge a battery pack. No matter what I do I get this:

OSC did not start.

If anyone has an ideas, that would be great. I'm on a tight schedule to get this to work.


Edit: It should also be noted that I tried using the library provided by sainsmart on the product page with no luck:

Same problem here, I have arduino uno with saintsmart USB host shield. I connected bluethooth dongle to it. and I cannot connect to the PS3 controller. I am not sure what to do, same error message as your