USB serial port is not recognized

Hello community,

I just purchased a brand new arduino Yún but I have an issue and I have not been able to fix it, hope some of you can help me with this problem....

Everything in the arduino Yún works great, I tried ethernet and worked, I also updated to the las YunWrt by reading it from the micro SD, the wifi connection works great, I tried by using ssh connection and by using the sketch to send 1 or 0 by url, the micro usb to power on the board works as well and all the pin works, almost everything works except for the serial usb port... I already tried with 2 different usb cables, I tried in a MacBook and in 3 different Windows and the arduino is not recognized, is not shown on the ports, I am able to see the wifi connection as a port but the usb is not there, I updated YunWrt lo the last, I am running IDE 1.5.7, I restarted all Yún with the 3 reset buttons and still nothing happens. Something I noticed is that the usb led is always on! but it is not working.... I am starting to think there is something defective on my board...

Any assistance will be really appreciated, Thanks!


Did you verify everything is connected properly?

Check out the schematic at

or see the image attached.


Quite strange: may be a problem with the usb plug on the yun. Can you try on another computer, like your neighbour's? If it still fails, mail