USB shield not working

Hi all
I have 2 USB shields that I am trying to use on a uno R3 and Lenardo board. I can upload that program and see trouble shooting information in the serial monitor. Unplug the board and install the shield and get no serial output when i plug it back in. Both boards are acting the same way.
The test program I am uploading is from the examples USB Host shield library.
The boards are coming up in the ports in the device manager. Is there anything that needs to be done to the shields to actually make them work? Drivers, jumpers, etc?


There are a few different USB shields.
A link directly to the one you have may be of use to people wanting to help.

Sorry about that. I should have pasted the link. I added it to the post

Are you using the recommended library

It seems well maintained.

Yes. The library and code all loads onto the Uno, and monitor just tells me that the usb is not found. Once I install the shield it does not nothing. I am starting to suspect that I have a power issue on the shield itself.

Most shields often require thier own PSU.
See that one has solder blobs to select the Arduinos power or I suspect EXTERNAL.
Start by checking those first.

It is a power issue that I think am getting resolved. Thanks for the help

For those who may run into similar issues I think the solution to my issues is in this video.

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Yes those are the solder blobs.
Glad you found that video it may prove useful to others.

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