Username showing as blank on the forum

I am DrAzzy.

I am logging in with my usual username and password. But my post count has been reset, and my name is showing up blank in my posts. Personal messages look okay, though

Can anyone help me out here?

Edit: After having logged out and back in, things seem to be working again. That was weird.

Same problem.
I posted a couple of messages earlier today without problem. In the most recent one, about ten minutes ago, I posted the message and then realized I needed to add a clarification. So I edited the post and sent it and I got the message that I had to wait 5 minutes before I could post again! What?
Turns out that although the first page of my profile still has the correct information, the forum settings page shows information for a different user - obviously because they only have 25 posts. The email address is definitely not mine.
Wotinell is going on? I definitely do not like the idea that someone else has access to my private information.

I have since logged out and in again and all seems well - so far.


"I had to wait 5 minutes before I could post again! "

That message goes away after you have made 100,000 posts. :wink:

At my current rate of posting messages it'll only take me another 150 years to get rid of that damned inconvenience :cold_sweat:


Just wanted to add a reference to a previous occurrence of the blank user name issue:

I believe that was isolated to new users so may not be relevant.


100,000 posts? Damnn