video on 2.4" tft


i have an 2.4" tft ili9341 and i want to play video from does nt matter wich video extension.
know any know the code for doing this?
or a good tutorial how to make it?


What Arduino are you using? Most are not fast enough to display video.

arduino uno with 20 mhz. i think i later use a atmega1284p because more pins.

and this has made it with an atmega32: and thats working. if needed i add more ram.


arduino123456789: any??

What's your question?

My question is how to show a video on a ili9341 display. With an sd card.

Your best bet is probably to port the code on the link you posted to the Arduino environment and ATmega328.

But that is not for my lcd controller.

Sorry, I assumed the Nokia 6030 used the ili9341 controller. doesn't turn up any code?


can i convert the code to work with ili 9341?
or can i use another thing.