Visual tracking?

Does anyone know of any projects that involve doing visual tracking using an Arduino via a USB (or other connection type) camera?

I'm currently contemplating a project that would involve visually tracking an object using an infrared camera. The camera would be mounted on a platform with a two axis controller. The video stream from the camera would split between a monitor and an arduino. There would be a joystick attached to the arduino which would control the platform, and when the button on the joystick is pressed the system would "lock on" to whatever object was currently in the middle of the view.

I did very similar visual tracking in a grad CS class over a decade ago and it could work reasonably well with simple objects in real time, however I have no idea if an arduino has sufficient processing power to do something along these lines. I could always have a computer of some sort attached to the device to perform the tracking, but I want to keep this as minimal as possible.

Thats the one that sticks out in my mind.

uses processing and a camera of some sort. I have not looked at how he did it but just enjoyed the concept of his project.

Yeah, that does have a similar idea behind it, just with a computer as the processing device. I'll take a more in depth look at it, thanks.