voice recognition with arduino and matlab

Hi guys
i want to turn ON a LED with my voice by using aduino but i have some problem with codes and i dont know how to save voice recorded in arduino to compare with the input voice please help me

What module are you using, EasyVR or something simular? Normally you record your voice commands on your computer with the given software, and the computer stores the files for you.

Where does matlab fit into this?

i dont want to use any module i just want to use arduino uno to store my voice data inside then compare with the input voice if its match turn on LED if not doing nothing
look at this link and if you can help me please let me know

It does not work like that. You need to use a VR module, it has more memory to hold all the commands.

i know it but i just need to record a command to turn on LED and its taking less space