Voltage into an analog pin on an Arduino Uno

I have a problem............well I have many LoL! but this one is about Arduino UNO.

Relatively new to playing with the UNO & my field is Mech Eng so I'm on a steep learning curve here.

I have set up a UNO to control a 6V motor Via Relay, Motion is initiated via a signal from an accelerometer/motion sensor, output from the UNO is the signal to a relay & control the 6V motor. (on 5 Sec, Pause 5 Sec, on 5 sec, stop)

I am now trying to introduce a proximity Switch to control the final Stop position instead of simply using Time delays to determine the stop position. Variations in battery condition & temperature are the problem.

I run two power sources.
9V thru the regulator to power the Arduino & a separate 6V source thru the Relay to drive the Motor.

I have purchased a 6-36V Proximity SW as I couldn't find a 5V as per the analogue inputs to the UNO.

The output voltage of the Prox is the same as the input voltage (N/O Switch)

Q.1 - Is a 6V Analogue input going to be too high for the UNO.?
Q.2 - What is the best way to limit the Prox output signal to 5V & protect the UNO input?

Regards, Mick.


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Short answer is YES 6 volts is too much so do NOT put 6 volts into a pin on the Arduino unless you just want to buy more and like online shopping :grinning:

A voltage divider circuit is the common method of reducing voltage in the smaller ranges.