Volts vs amps choosing new stepper motor

I am researching buying a replacement Nema 23 stepper motor to a geared type for my project. My original motor was a 24v 3.5 amp motor. I am finding geared type motors with much lower voltage specs for the size and gearing I want. I also read somewhere that voltage isn't as critical as amps when it comes to your power supply meaning you can use more volts without hurting the motor. Is this true? If so, how many volts over spec can you use? Like 2 times or 4 times etc? I just want to choose wisely so I can buy another power supply if I need to. This motor will be run with either a M542T or DM542T driver. So if I buy a 4.8v geared stepper with 2.2 amp rating, as long as I set my M542T to the correct amp setting, I can safely run this motor with my 24v power supply?

I found a motor with the same spec as my last one and ordered it so I am good. But still would like to know about the over voltage safe range for future reference.

Stepper motors are current controlled and the voltage "rating" is usually irrelevant. With a suitable motor driver, the higher the voltage, the faster the motor will run.

Check the specifications of your motor driver for the maximum allowed supply voltage.

Industrial stepper motors are often used with 40V to 80V power supplies.

The specs to note are winding resistance, nominal current, winding inductance, steps per revolution,
pull-out torque.

A current controlled motor doesn't have a voltage rating, except for the insulation breakdown voltage.

Note that a lot of websites show voltages for steppers, and it shows they are not experts on
stepper motors, that's all.

One thing it would be nice to know (and its never in the datasheets for some reason) is the
voltage constant of the motor (the back EMF dependency on speed). IE something like 10V/krpm.

You can infer its order of magnitude from the torque/speed graphs (which are always useful to check

Thanks guys. So within reason, with the stepper driver properly set to the max amps should take care of it automatically. I am using a 24V power supply but could buy larger in the future if the price is right. Good to know. :slight_smile:

Make sure the supply isn't too large for the stepper driver - different driver chips have different max voltages.

Make sure the supply isn't too large for the stepper driver - different driver chips have different max voltages.

Yes, within the drivers limits. My m542T will use VDC 24-50V and I am using 23V at present so the max I could/should go is 50V.