Wall Plug enclosure for arduino


I'm developing a project where I have a few arduinos monitoring some conditions at home and communicating to a central node with a nordic transceiver...

At the moment I'm looking for a project box that fits an arduino nano, a 18650 battery and a nrf24l01 that has a wall plug so I can plug that to a wall plug and leave it running...

Any idea where can I get such an enclosure without going bankrupt?

Something like this:


From where in the world do you want to buy, and what cost is reasonable? Is the one in the picture too expenesive?
The connector in the picture is called Schuko, but an Euro connector (the flat type with two pins) would be fine too unless you need the grounding.

Maybe the cheapest alternative is to buy a cheapo remote power switch and take out the guts. Check first that it can be taken apart and is not welded shut though. Here's one from my home country, it will give you 3 cases (and some fun electronic repurposeable guts) for about € 15: https://www.bauhaus.se/fjarrstrombrytare-nexa-tradlos-inkl-fjarrkontroll.html
(I don't know if these cases in particular are welded)


Thanks for the reply.

I can buy from anywhere in the world up to 15 EUR/USD or so, provided there is no minimum quantity.
As for the plug type, Schuko is exactly what I need, with ground.

But you just gave me a great idea. I've seen some "power savers" that may just be good enough to use after removing their internals! And they are quite cheap!

Why include a battery when it will be plugged into mains?

Look into sonoff. Maybe u can use the enclosure