Warning: BS RFQ

I just got this email


We are looking for a Arduino developer (Freelanc) to work on a protoype project. The project needs to have thermal sensor, RF 433 (or Zigbee, zwave for example in order to use grid power), and will be low power, small size, and low cost, based for example on pro mini arduino.

In order to have more detail, non-disclosure agreement will be required before you start.

The ideal candidate would also have experience designing circuits around Arduino or other microcontrollers, including programming of accessory circuits transmitting data via RF.

Deliverables will include a number of system components including

  1. PCB designs 2) prototypes 3) software to control, send/receive data 4)fritzing file

Send us your resume and projects you have developed with Arduino. In your application please propose an estimated timeline, hardware costs, and labor.

Best regards

Note that they are asking for a quote for time and materials before even saying what the job is. Also they (I assume) expect a professional designer but then say you have to supply Fritzing files. WTF?

I was about to respond with a rude letter when I noticed there was a DOCX file as an attachment. (Nobody should open a DOC file unless you really know it's provenance)

The embedded links all point to www. selfadvert. com

This has to be a virus or at least spam. But at least I guess that means Arduino has really arrived :slight_smile:


O no, you post a message with a link to a bad site. Now that is what I call spam ]:smiley:

I tried to post without it turning into a link but even without tags it still does it.

Anyway I don't think there's anything wrong with the site as such.

EDIT: There, I added spaces to stop that.