water screen-as do ?

hi, searched information, but can not find how to do it. someone help me understand how it works?


this uses a projector?

I do not understand the question.

How is this arduino related ?

AFAICT, it is just a back projection onto a water screen. Mostly just a question of plumbing :)

I seem to recall the concept that if you can release water drops at precise times, you can reflect light from them as a sort of POV technique.

Water clock at tokyo station, mentioned here recently

The thing pictured on the video is just a wall of water running down, with a bog-standard projector projecting on it. nothing new or special.

// Per.

Looking closer i see its lots of little streams rather than a continuous sheet.

Boardburner2: Looking closer i see its lots of little streams rather than a continuous sheet.

Solenoids used to draw this, only gives light color, but not involved in the plot the drawing.

solenoid which would be the adeacuda to do this, as it would connect to the arduino? to pump water would be appropriate?

approximately 384 solenoids would be needed.

for ilumminar so in color, about 12 leds 3w rgb would be sufficient? how to connect these LEDs and control their intensity?

be better m rgb leds 100w? how to connect this power supply that I can use?


the first video is a continuous flow of water with a projector sending the video to the water. the water acts like a movie screen.,

the second video has a controlled release pattern that drop water in such a manner as to create images. then the device has an array of LED's that shine on the falling water.

one needs a way of controlling the dozens of hundreds of nozzles individually.


it is becoming more common.