WB 4.3 TFT LCD Module

Hi guys,

I’m confused how to hook my lcd screen up to my arduino.
This is the lcs screen: http://www.miniinthebox.com/nl/wbyjb03-4-3-kleuren-tft-lcd-scherm-module-voor-arduino-of-mcu-leerontwikkeling_p1905585.html?litb_from=sysmail

Do i need a shield for this thing?
And if not what are the connections?
I have a hard time understanding this and can’t find any information on this thing.

Thanks in advance!

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You have not done yourself any favors by buying a display that does not have a good level of documentation. If you are a real newbie then it is best to buy products from vendors such as Arduino, Adafruit, Sparkfun etc who provide tutorials and product support.

Having said that...

You can get the data sheet for the display driver here. IT is a case of figuring out what PCB pins are connected to which port on the controller and then finding more information on the web.

You will need to find a graphics driver library for the Arduino too.

Start by putting this search line in Google:

SSD1963 Arduino

Hey bodmer, thanks for your reply

No i kinda figured that out already :D I thought there was some documentation of it, i didn't really looked carefully for that. anyway i will take a look at it tomorrow.

I was hoping someone would have bought the same display and can share their knowledge of it.

If you search for SSD1963 on this forum you might find others that have used that display or a similar one.

Bear in mind that the display probably has to be driven with 3.3V logic levels, so to use a UNO or Mega for example you will need to use logic level translators or find a suitable shield that does that.

If you use a Due which has 3.3V logic inputs/outputs then you can connect it direct.

The display will likely have both serial (SPI) and 8/16/24 bit parallel interface modes. Usually there are some pins that define the mode, but these may already be pre-configured on the display PCB.

If a smaller display would suit your needs then there are plenty of low cost ones (less than 10Euro) up to 3.2" on eBay, Aliexpress and Banggood that simply plug into a Mega or UNO, but make sure you get one that has an Arduino driver library.

Watch out for vendors in China that sometimes state the TFT driver is one type but in fact it is completely different. If you trawl this forum you will find links to displays people have used.

The good news is that you have a 16 bit interface to the SSD1963 controller and it is supported by the UTFT library. The model to select for the display is ITDB43. The connections you have are essentially the same as the display here though you have a different pint count connector.

For the TFT display:

To power the display connect 3.3V and 0v(GND).
Then there are 16 data bits D0-D15
WR is the write line
RD is the read line
CS is the display Chip Select
RS is the command/data line
RST is the reset

The rest of the pins are associated with the SD card slot, Flash memory, and touch controller but perhaps it is best to just try to get something displayed first before trying to use them!

The display must be powered with 3.3V and be driven with 3.3V logic lines other wise you risk permanent damage to the display.

As there are a lot of digital pins to drive (21 just to drive the TFT, at least 5 more to drive the SD card and touch controller) your best option is to use a Mega with a logic level translator (5V to 3.3V) or to use a Due.