WEMAUSA Liquid Level Sensors - SSS/SSL

Hello everyone,

This is my first time posting something in here. So I'm embarrassed of my level of question I'll be asking in here: I have this sensor: http://www.wemausa.com/sensors/level-FuelWater.shtml#.U0w3gld-m-M How can I connect it to an Arduino? According to the manual it came with, it says connect the pink wire to common ground and black to gauge.

According to my brother (Who handed me the sensor), he said the gauge is powered on 12v battery. I know Arduino UNO can handle 12v.

I'd make sense out of it if it had 3 wires (Where one is for common ground, one is for power, one is for data or reading), but this has two and one of them is ground, so I'm lost.

I'm a noob when it comes to electronics, don't hate me please :(

It looks like it provides a variable resistance that depends on the depth of the measured fluid. Test it with a multimeter. If that'a what it is, try using a voltage divider to read it.

Huh... I'll be damned, it worked!!

Now time to figure out how to output a 12v controlled by PWM