What battery should I choose for 500W/24V motor?

Hello everyone. I have 2 motors 500W , 24V (Max Current: 26A) each.
These are my motors

So, my question is what battery/batteries should I choose so that I can move these 2 motors?
I found these 2 batteries on Amazon,but I don't know if it's suitable for my motors.
Any ideas , suggestions or links?

Thanks a lot.

Rule of thumb apparently for lead acid batteries max. discharge current is the same number as the capacity rating of the battery. For this one that's 10Ah, so rule of thumb would be 10A current draw max, which is far less than a single one of your motors. To make matters worse, the datasheet specifies the actual capacity at a constant current draw of 6A as only 6Ah (so 60% of its nominal capacity); go figure how little is left if you discharge almost ten times as fast. Best case scenario is that the battery won't last long between charges and will have a short service life. Worst case scenario is rather more explosive.

So, any suggestions/link ?

Nope, back to the drawing board / product selection. At least you now have a bit more of a guideline of what to look for.
Maybe something like this: https://www.digikey.com/en/products/detail/yuasa-battery/SWU210-12FR/13171156

Thanks,but this is too expensive

You want to draw over 50A from a battery; doing that safely is going to cost money.

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What about a 24V 40Ah battery?

Well that will power one motor, but I thought you had two.

Thats a 24V 500W eBike motor, so just use a standard eBike battery.

Lots of them on eBay, just choose the capacity you want.

I found this one: Link here

What if I buy 2 of these?Is it worth it?

Incidently, its always a good idea to tell us about the actual project, saves everyone guessing and wasting time.

For instance are you per chance going to use the eBike motor for an eBike ?

I want to build a robot vehicle with 4 wheels

Are you planning to ride this vehicle, or is there another good reason to use 500 watt motors?

This one runs on 4xAA batteries:

Nope.I have used these kind of robots in the past.Now I want to experience big robots using stronger motors like I reference ,sensors like ultrasonic ,GPS etc.
My problem is that I don't know what batteries should I choose to drive these motors(500W 24V)
Any links would be appreciated (I don't want very expensive batteries)

The general rule is the higher the battery capacity in Ah, the longer it will run the cart.

Design guides here.

Tells the forum very little.

How can anyone recommend a battery if they dont know how much power it needs to deliver (in current), for how long and of course what are the weight limits, how big\heavy is the robot etc.

Hello again guys.After a lot of search on internet I found this battery
Is it a good choice so that I can run my 2 motors (normal and high speed)?or may I have to search a little bit more?

Thank you.

Buy it and let us know if it does what you want.

What do y mean?

ebike battery:

  • more money out front
  • much lighter
  • 2 or 3 times the capacity in the same space
  • lasts far longer than a lead acid battery

but look up ebike battery fire before you go that route.

look up DIY ebike battery on youtube, and BMS. there is a learning curve.