Which board is for me?(I did a search)

Hello all

I am diving head first into the world of Arduino :) and have a few questions. I have a project idea where I need to be able to control (6) 12v solenoid valves. I know there have been a few threads on these applications before which is why I wont ask questions on how to program it yet...haha. Anyways I have not found a definitive answer for my question. Looking at the Arduino Uno development board I see that there are 14 Digital I/O and would this be a suitable board to control the 6 valves or would I need larger? I am assuming 6 valves * 2 wires each(ground and power) = 12 ports so I would have two left over? Or am I greatly overlooking something? Thanks for the help and sorry for the newbish question!

You'll also need some sort of interface circuitry. The Arduino runs on 5 volts and can only provide a modest amount of current directly, ~20mA per pin. I might start out with LEDs in place of the solenoids, work through the learning curve, and worry about the interfacing once the the logic works correctly. To interface the solenoids should be straightforward, but one step at a time...

okay good to hear. I was reading online and gathered that I could make a circuit with a fet or a transistor, diode and a resistor to control the power issue from an outside source. I was planning on learning with LED's at first I just didn't want to buy something that eventually couldn't be used for my project. Thanks again guys I cant wait to get started 8)