Which ESP module should I use for this project?

So I am working on a smart home project, and I need a bit of help. So I have been recommended a esp 8266 wifi module, which I will connect up to relays and Alexa. But are there any other esp modules or just any other microcontrollers that I might use instead?

ESP8266 or ESP32 are probably your best options as they have built in Wi-Fi support. As to what variant of ESP8266/ESP32 you use depends on the project. Google will find you multiple examples of using them with Alexa.

Thanks. I am using Alexa gen2 is there any libraries for arduino to use?

robtherobot: Thanks. I am using Alexa gen2 is there any libraries for arduino to use?

The fauxmoesp or Espalexa libraries.

K thx

Barring other constraints which you have not mentioned, for ready to use boards, I'd default one of these:

Wemo D1 Mini or one of the ESP32 NodeMCU boards. (both readily available for cheap on ebay)

If I was hooking up a lot of external components, I'd mount the ESP12F or ESP32 WROOM module onto one of my prototyping boards, (Available for sale here: ESP8266, ESP32 - though if you're not confident with soldering SMD parts that may not be the best solution for you. Obviously I'm biased, since they're my designs that I'm selling ;-) - I also sell prototyping shields for D1 Mini's)

If designing your own board, if using ESP8266, you want the ESP-12F modules - or ESP-01M if you're tight on board area but not board height.

I am ok with soldering, and I am probably going to make my own board. But thanks for the recommendation I will use it for finished versions and just generally other projects.

The Adafruit ESP32 Feather is nice for my bluetooth projects, and the ESP32 can also run wifi stuff too. Look at the overview for the module and let me know.