Which one is best sensor type for make a keyboard?

first i want to say that i m beginner.
i want to make a keyboard. it will be simple but ergonomic.. but i should choose good sensor type for make button.
Button should not make noise, and should not need so much pressure for sensing. And of course -keyboard needs a lot buttons - should not be so expensive.
I want to use this keyboard for typing.

Which sensor do you recommend me?

Thank you..

I think you'd have to do some browsing & reading

or, regular search for pushbutton, filtered for thru hole, sorted for lowest price:

Some (old) keyboards have seperate switches for each button. Perhaps you could buy about 10 or 20 old keyboards at yard sales or so. That might help to learn what kind of switches you want.

Have you read these pages ?

Thank you for recommends, i will buy a keyboard and seperate and learn a little more things.