Why does (original) Arduino Micro not fit on a breadboard?

I am new to Arduino and I bought an (original) Arduino Micro.

I have tried 3 different breadboards and it's not possible to pin the Arduino as shown on blog.arduino.cc.

I know it's an Arduino Nano and not a Micro in the blog article.

Please take a look at the image in the attachment.

I wonder if the Arduino Micro fits on a breadboard at all?

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Please delete this post!

My breadboard fits now. I had to press the arduino a little bit.

If you found out that it fits and asked for the post to be deleted, why do you keep posting about it?

Please post a link to where did you got the Micro from

Most odd as my "official" micros fit fine on breadboard.

Did you solder the header pins yourself ?
I always use some old breadboard to initially line up the pins and just solder the end pins before moving to remove it and finish soldering.

If you found out that it fits and asked for the post to be deleted, why do you keep posting about it?

When I press it, it's possible to press the headers inside about 2 or 3mm. But I then saw the image on blog.arduino.cc where the headers are completely sunken in. This is not possible with my Arduino. It would surely damage the headers. So something is weird...

I bought the Arduino at a German shop.

Also when I look at the Arduino the headers are not vertical.

I think the headers are simply not well aligned.

But it's not important. I can do without the breadboard.

You can also take a look at my attachment. I think this is the same as you can buy on store.arduino.cc ?

I am confident that, were you to hand it to me, I could pass it back to you in under 2 minute with the pins bent such they they lined up with breadboard again, but it’s really hard to describe one’s technique (and it’s also not clear to me even exactly what the issue is)

It’s pretty common to find header pin not sildered on perfectly, even on brand-name boards. The el cheapo stuff, crap soldering jobs of anything through-hole is ubiquitous. Most of the cheap stuff doesn’t even come with pin header soldered to it (both because it’s cheaper - through-hole requires different process than SMD - and most customers prefer it… soldering on pin header is neither particularly timeconsuming nor particularly hard, but removing pin header is a nightmare :stuck_out_tongue: