Micro breakout board

Hi, looking for one of these
but for an Arduino micro. Or is the Nano and the Micro the same pin and board size and I could use that? Cant seem to figure out how to wire to this Micro without resorting to soldering to the pins directly....

What's wrong with soldering headers to the micro?

I guess I don't know what a header is. I have not been able to find a tidy way to do this apart from the breakout board I linked to above. I would like to be able to replace the Micro if it was damaged somehow. Post some links to something please?

Is this a Pro micro or a micro?

I would solder these female headers to the micro then plug male DuPont cables into the female headers as needed.


Its a Micro, not a pro that I know of.

I believe a lot of people solder header pins on the Arduino if it did not come with them already on it. Notice this picture shows the Micro with header pins on it. They are like legs:

That allows you to just plug the Arduino into a breadboard.

Then you can connect wires to other devices by just plugging in wires. Example (with Pro Mini):

Something like this…?

Click the image to go to OSH Park and order one for yourself.

Also check out the version with SMD pads on it.

Just an FYI..

the Pro-Micro and the Pro-Mini.. are -not- (NOT) exactly pin to pin compatible.

very close... but slightly changes on the Pro-Micro..