why XP requests to re-install Arduino USB driver?

I run 1.6.9 IDE on my XP computer and it frequently looses its ability to recognize the valid and previously installed and recognized Arduino UNO R3. Sometimes upon plugging the board to the same USB port the pc simply rejects what it has previously seen as valid USB connected peripheral and instead requests to install a "new hardware found" driver. It happened randomly but more then few times already, and each time I had to run through USB driver installation procedure after which the "new" device driver's installed successfully to C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers folder.

What might be the problem?

It could well be a "permission" type error. Are you just a user of that computer ?

I sometimes see it with 1.6.12 under win 8.1 or on a win 10 VM but its usually down to two specific boards in my case the 101 and the MKR. Not seen it for the AVR boards here.

Did you install the IDE "as Administrator" ?

Not sure how I did install the arduino IDE - I just simply did :) There is no other account on this computer so I assume that I am "the administrator" , correct?

There is a quite big difference between a “user” with admin rights and a “true administrator”

Maybe also run a search through the forum for XP type issues as I am sure there are a few and a guy called “Pert” is the goto person for these types of issues so if you see than in your search and XP its almost a sure bet he had or has some form of work around for it.

Spent some more time evaluating possible causes and found that in fact my XP uses Microsoft’ usbser.sys driver instead! When asked to “update” the possible drivers are shown as Arduino Uno and Arduino UNO R3… yet nevertheless my XP chooses always the usbser.sys as its only driver for the USB connected Arduino UNO R3 :slight_smile:

So my question again - does it matter which driver should I select for so called “driver update”?


Windows comes with its own USBSER.sys but other programs can either use that one or thier own. Arduinos tend to use thier own and it may get its direction in the registry for that.

Easy enough to check just scan the reg for "usbser.sys" to see if you can find a relative path or do a system wide search for the file itself.

All the copies I have relate directly to Arduino file locations.

Thanks for your help, and out of curiosity ;) - which IDE version do you use ?

1.6.5 from an unzipped copy with a shortcut but mostly 1.6.12