Will hot-melt glue damage TMP-36?

I've seen projects where, at the end, you use hot melt glue to keep things in place. And I've read that you need to be careful when soldering a TMP-36 into place so you don't roast the sensor. I've got an application where the TMP-36 extends out from the printed circuit board, and I'm wondering if I can use hot melt glue (or perhaps cold silicone like you use to seal around windows?) to secure the sensor in place?

Silicone is acid, and will corrode the wires of your circuit. You can use polymer kit.

I think the hot glue will be okay. If you make a dot and press the sensor into it, the sensor will not get very hot. But for a good temperature, the sensor should be in air, not isolated in glue.

Thanks. I was planning to capture the leads in the glue, not the black sensor part. Good advice on the silicone; will avoid.

To which polymer kit are you referring?

The ms-polymer sealant. I think it is these, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silyl_modified_polymers In Europe, every DIY store has 'polymer' sealant/kit, but I don't know what it is called elsewhere.

The TMP-36 can withstand 260 Degrees C for 40 seconds during reflow soldering, so hot glue is NOT a problem, in any way possible.

There is non-acidic silicone meant for electronics, the solvent is based on alcohol instead of acetic acid.

// Per.

Hot melt is way below the temperature of solder. Doesn't even make skin hiss! Furthermore it has low thermal conductivity so it won't dump heat fast enough to be an issue.