Windows 10 do not recognized Arduino Nano V3.0 Mini USB ATmega328 5V 16M FT232RL

I need some help, Windows 10 is not able to recognized my Arduino Nano, that I purchased from aliexpress. I used the driver from FTDI (CDM v2.12.24 WHQL Certified) and used the setup exe and also tried the manual installation as mentioned in many posts and videos. Note that my device appears as an unknown device and not a FT232 USB… When I install the first part of the driver (BUS), the device give me an error code 10, and no new device serial port appear, as see in the previous video.

Here is a videoof my installation process.

Last thing, I read in this post that the test pin has to be weld with the ground pin, maybe this is the solution? Before I try it, I would like to see if there is something else that I should try first.


If it is a cheap clone nano, It probably has the ch340 chip, not ftdi. Look at the chip on the bottom. Then install the correct driver.

Hum… it is identified as FTDI, take a look at the image

There were fake FTDI chips in use and FTDI put out a driver that bricked them. I would think that current drivers no longer do that after the uproar, but IDK. The vendor is reliable. I have purchased from them many times on EBAY. I'm sure you would have no trouble getting a replacement.

mfisch is right; google for "FTDI arduino clone windows problem" and you will get dozens of hits.

Unfortunately I can't tell you what really will solve your problem, but study some answers and mightbe you are lucky to find the right solution for your problem.