Windows 7 (32) Enterprise on lenovo s10 driver problem

I’m tying to install the drivers for the Uno on my little netbook an older Lenovo s10 that has a fresh install of Windows 7 32 bit. When I plug the board in it does not show up under ports but under unknown / other devices, I’ve tried to select it and install the drivers manually but windows always says it was unable to install the driver. Download the driver from the USB chip provider webssite too that fails also.

I’m having a terrible time with windows 7 and the Arduino software, one out of three PC machines works, this one a driver problem and another machine a NEW Lenove g460 crashes the Arduino software each time it’s launched! Ok I could use my Mac but that would be too easy!

(perhaps I’ll pull out my old G4 tower and use that)

The following procedure will help you install the drivers for your Arduino board:

Go to Device Manager
Right click the unknown device in Device Manager \ Other Devices
Select Update Driver Software
Select Browse my computer for software
Click Browse button
Select the Drivers folder under the location of your Arduino software installation. (Do not select the FTDI folder inside the Drivers folder)
Click OK
Click Next

Done this and it still fails.

What version of Uno do you have? What version of the Arduino IDE do you have?

Open Device Manager Right Click the Device Manager \ Other Devices \ unknown device Select Properties Select Details tab Choose Hardware Ids from the Property drop-down What is the Hardware Ids that show in the Value section?

usb 2341 and then rev 0001 - it was bought I believe in 2011 from spark fun, got it on a course I did.