Wireless hit detection

I'm looking for a a way to detect if an arduino is within a certain distance to another arduino wirelessly... Or maybe just for a clearly limited wireless connection.

More in detail: I want to set up a an arduino+sensors as a target an then throw (yes physically throw:)) a second arduino towards it. On impact with the ground the thrown arduino emits a signal, if that happens within about 5m of the target it is registered by and triggers an event on the target arduino (a led or counter) . If it impacts outside of the radius nothing happens

My question is: can that be done at least somewhat reliably and if yes how/which hardware could do that?

Thanks in advance, any tips are greatly appreciated

Several people have been asking the same as You. The easy answer is that it is very difficult, mostly impossible to detect objects like that. A kind of sweeping ultra sound detector needs quite some time. Distance measuring using tranmission wave strength doesn't work.
Using rf the detection distance depends severly on walls etc.
Go for another, more easy project.

This question gets asked, in slightly different ways, very often

There is no reliably means of doing what you ask, although Posyx is a possibility;

Thanks a lot for the replies, that is more or less what I figured... But had hoped otherwise.

Pozyx seems to be what I would need but is to expensive for me to be thrown around outdoors.

What about if I get rid of the idea of it being somewhat accurate - very low powered bluetooth? Or if I go wired for the target - pressure mats or light barriers or a ground plate with vibration sensors maybe?

"Go for another, more easy project."

I'm not searching for other projects...

Preasure mats or light barriers sounds like a way to go. That will quantify, divide the surface into something like sectors, areas and if that's okey, go for it. Use like a chess board.

Perhaps.......transmit a coded IR signal from Arduino no.2 ...........slowly rotate Arduino no.1 and get a "map" of current surroundings via ultrasonic tx/tx
......launch Arduino no.1 and if identified from IR code, measure radial distance of any differing "map" at final rest position.

I have once tried it with Arduino and XBee modules, I have tried to detect the position using RSSI value of XBee. I have found some work like triangular method etc but couldn’t accomplished the task.

So, I think there’s no way to detect Arduino within range.