wiring wrong with my servo motor?

A couple of months ago my dad bought the Arduino Starter Kit, I've come to the 5th project "Mood Cue". Where I need the servo motor part, I think that the wiring isn't correct. It should be black, red, white, my servo motor starts off with this pattern then at the end twists and in the male head (what I believe it is called) it is black, white, red.

I am confused to wether the wires can be switched, or if my part is faulty, if I is I would like to know what to do next.

Please help

I would go with the colours being right, regardless of the order. Red to power +ve, Black to power -ve and Arduino Gnd, and white to the signal.

(But maybe you should post a photo?)

Sorry "male head" doesn't mean anything to me but servo wiring only has two ends, the end at the servo itself and the other end which is a servo plug. When you are using the servo with a standard RC receiver the order of the wires in plug is very important...the red wire MUST be in the centre (but the order as they go into the servo means nothing).

And when you are wiring them individually yourself it doesn't really matter provided you remember Red = +ve power, Black/Brown/Blue = -ve and White or Orange = signal.


that was a picture for wiring servo motor.Black red white means your servo have 3 diffrent wirings that can you choose where it connected, so for black wire should be connect to GND, red to 5V, and white to digital pin on arduino.