ws2801 and teensy 3.1 glediator

hi i am trying to make a matrix of 28 x 14 = 392 leds ws 2801

hi am trying to build a pixel matrix of 28x14=392 ws2801 leds.

the idea is from this film on you tube:

everything is perfectly told and shown but the only thing that works by me is blinking in the LED blink program.

i set all the parameters in glediator but no results.

i am a nobody in this so a step by step help to resolve the problem is helpfull

I have 400 ws2801 leds connected to data pin 11 and clock pin 13.
Ground redirected to the ground of my 5v power supply, and the teensy and the ws2801 led-string and the 5v only direct from the string to the power supply.

Usb from teensy to the laptop.

Running teensy loader and the gladiator software.

for this to run i need a code for the arduino and i am a geek.

this i found out:
use the Fistfight sketch that comes in the Arduino IDE. In this sketch you will find the line for setting the clock and data pins, and also the line to set the correct led type in Setup.

where can i find this fistfight sketch ?????