X10 - Arduino Projects

I made a blog which describes most of the X10 (Home Automation) projects I’ve done with the Arduino. Some I have described here before, and some are new. Now everything is in one place!

The blog is here . . .

Please feel free to ask questions either here or in the blog.
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Bookmarked your blog. I want to get into X10 in the near future so it will be a great resource.


I've got the code in the FireCracker sketch converted to a library. If anyone is interested I'll post it up on the playground.


I think it would be nice to put the lib you made on the Playground page for the CM17A "Firecracker". If you could send it to me, our just put it up there, I'll redo the example on that page to use the lib.


Sorry for the delay on getting this up, I'm focused on putting together a Delphi-based Firmata library at the moment, and didn't want to get distracted.

I'll try to do something about it tonight.

I really wish x10 had taken off in the UK, the modules are so expensive.

Ebay is an invaluable resource so I may just get the 110v units and get cracking modifying them. The SocketRocket Lamp modules would be perfect for controlling building lights if you just need on/off control and can be had for as little as $5 each on ebay vs. the $24 they want for UK spec at retail.

The dimmable lamp modules are available for $18.99 which is about the same as we pay per module!

Ok, I uploaded the X10Firecracker library to the Playground. I just stuck a link to it at the bottom of the Firecracker page. BroHogan, if you could please, check it out and see what you think. I haven't tested it extensively, just enough to make sure it would actually turn lights on and off and dim properly. It could definitely use a second set of eyes on the code and some more testing.

Great job done on firecracker. Thank you!

I've done something like that, using a cheap relay board bought on Ebay, and a network shield, to make a networkable power switch based on arduino. Additionnaly, ther's an interface for Heyu linux home automation software.

Original article in french : http://www.civade.com/2009/07/25/40-arduino-network-power-switch-telecommander-via-ethernet-des-equipements-basse-tension-220v-relais-28j60-domotique-heyu

Translation via Google Translate : http://translate.google.com/translate?u=http%3A//www.civade.com/2009/07/25/40-arduino-network-power-switch-telecommander-via-ethernet-des-equipements-basse-tension-220v-relais-28j60-domotique-heyu&hl=en&langpair=auto|en&tbb=1&ie=ISO-8859-1

Feel free to comment or improve...


I am final year student at Northumbria University in the United Kingdom, doing a dissertation on the possibility of Arduino interfacing with X10. I have to complete an assessment of the hardware and software and wondered if anyone had some code that could implement power line communication on the Arduino.



Well that's my old University, mind you it was Newcastle Poly when I was there. (1970 - 74). Try looking at:- http://www.arduino.cc/playground/X10/ReceiveX10