xFlame - scultural infinity mirror

Hey folks... just wrapping up this project -- my sculptural infinity mirror. I had seen other infinity mirrors on the interwebs and thought there is room to innovate and take the concept to the next level. So, instead of a square or simple shape, I designed a flame shape, which I thought would give some additional impact to the LED mirror (flame?) effect. Additionally, most infinity mirrors have the LEDs around the border instead of as a matrix in the body of the mirror, so I wanted to try that out. By and large, it looks fantastic! Comments and feedback welcome.

6 layers, laser cut custom designs:
translucent orange acyrlic back, split horizontally for convenient removal of 1/2 access panel
1 layer of wood frame (MDF)
acrylic mirror
2 layers of wood frame (MDF)
clear acrylic front with two-way mirror film

Altogether, the project is about 1" thick.

2 APA102 LED strips (144x/meter) around the interior
1 WS2801 strand of 25 forming the matrix in the middle

Adafruit Pro Trinket 5v 15mhz

Powered by a USB batter pack.

To start, the Pro Trinket is running FastLED using the Flame2012 example as a template running separately for each strip.

That's super cool. Great job!