XL6009 output is more than input

In the XL6009 boost module if the input is more than output set ; then what will happen?
For the output is set to 12V. if the input rises and goes to 15V ; will it give 12V output?

What does the documentation say? Link please.

What type of module is it?
Even with modules that can boost, you can build a step-up converter and a step-up/down converter using the same IC.
I think it can be distinguished by the number of inductors on PCB.

If may there has one inductor, only step up.
In this case, if the input exceeds the output, the input will be output as is.


The left one can only step-up.
If the input exceeds the setted output, the input will be output as is.

The right one can step-up and step-down.
Maintains the setted output regardless of the input.

Both assume that the rated input voltage range is adhered to.

Thank you so much ! Pl give me the name and reference of the right Buck-Boost module to purchase.

Have a good day.

Inexpensive DCDC converter modules produced in China are of poor quality and do not have a specific name.
In my mainly job is to design power circuits, so I design it myself at even if it's hobby projects.
Because adapt to various load conditions and footprint sizes.

Some nice guys on this forum may tell you which buck-boost converters to recommend.

Thank you so much ! I got it from to see two nos of coil from the net. The problem is solved.

thanks again for your help

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