Xplane 10 plug-in/interface.

I am building a 2 Degree Of Freedom 360 deg simulator for X-plane 10. I need help reading the Pitch and roll data from X-plane 10. Has anyone done this who can provide me with a plug-in or advice on where to get one or read the data another way? My programming skills are limited to arduino and PLC.
I Am using an Arduino. I should be able to cover the Arduino coding, feedback and hardware.
I am already reading the values from the serial monitor input (the one from arduino IDE) and turning the servos accordingly and providing feedback that stops the servos again. If I can substitute the serial monitor values with the ones received from X-plane, the simulator should work after only a few tweaks.. I hope...
Any advice will be appreciated!

The Teensy has a library to do this: Teensyduino: Using Flight Sim Controls on Teensy with Arduino

Since the Teensy 2 uses the same chip as an Arduino/Genuino Micro, I expect it would work on that hardware too. It may even work on a Due.

Thank you Morgan. I am not using a shield, I want to run it with USB