zigbee communication


I am new to zigbee. can any one tell me how i can see zigbee is communicating or not? is there any perticular software to see tht?? and do i need to prograam zigbee? if yes then how??

The answer to your question is most likely specific to the hardware being used, unless you are intending to use some sort of wireless protocol analyzer. Which ZigBee hardware are you talking about?

I use the Perytons sniffer (www.perytons.com) it is quite complete (supports all the ZigBee profiles as well as some non released yet ones - SE 2.0, etc.) and they also provide a 30 days free evaluation that you can use to capture your own data (provided you have any of the front-end devices supported - they support many - http://www.perytons.com/Hardware.html


i m using zigbee s-1, and want interface with arduino board. i have also zigbee shield…and i want to update firmware using x-ctu. but i couldnt…do i require any other hardware or software for this??