ZTP-115 Thermopile IR sensor

I have been using ZTP-115 IR thermopile IR sensor to monitor the surface temperature continuously in Industrial standard.But for this sensor,there is only Typical Field Of View(F.O.V) is 55 deg.
I want this F.O.V in terms of distance / measuring range from the surface with exact units to get the accurate result.

amphenol-ZTP-115.pdf (679 KB)

If you want to measure distance, the IR thermopile will not do the job.

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I mean, not to measure the distance by the ZTP-115.
I want to know that how much distance by the ZTP-115 sensor in terms of length(cm's/meters) to take the readings.In the data sheet,Field of View is mentioned in degrees but i want to know in the centi-meters/meters to get the accurate result.

Read about field of view versus distance here: Visual angle - Wikipedia

Hellow sciexp.

I want to know how you connect the sensor to the arduino.
I want to do it too but i don't know how to do it.
I 've searched on the internet and I can't find how to do it .
I hope you or someone can help me please.

@sciexp, it's very easy to connect up! There are three pins on the connector.

+5V > Arduino +5

GND > Arduino GND

Vout > Analog pin

Then just run any analog example sketch using the pin you have connected to the sensor.
The last page of the datasheet has the pinout for the connector, in one of the drawings.