18V Milwaukee motor with BTS7960

I'm facing issues with the 18V milwaukee motor from a drill I'd like to run with BTS7960.
The motor start very slow and stop and the controller heats a lot. It seems there is a voltage drop.
Any ideas to solve this?
Thank you.

R measured on the motor about 0.2 ohm, stall current would be about 90A...
I will try with a syren50.

Yes drill motors are very high current. That's how they can drill things. Stall currents are usually at least 10 times rated currents for a powerful motor (otherwise the motor would melt).

You may be able to handle this motor with the BTS7960 if you ramp up the PWM, and sense the current
with something like an ACS765 to detect overload.

Is your power supply adequate too? Power droop can cause your symptoms.