2.4" tft lcd shield (ili9328) with arduino uno

i had recently bought my 2.4" tft lcd touch shield. i had started working with it. It passes the graphic

test and other graphic oriented tests. But when i loaded MCUFRIEND_kbv–> Utoch_calibration_kbv.ino

the modules touch doesn’t work and i also tried adafruit tft paint it also dosen’t work. Atlast i found a

crack in my display module, will it be a reason why touch is not working???

Yes. A cracked glass on the Touch Panel will make it useless.

As a general rule, the 2.4" screens are quite robust.

If you buy a 3.5" from Ebay, it is very likely that you get a broken glass.
Lingerie shops do not pack electronic items very carefully.